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Lizzie and Dominic held a symbolic blessing in the grounds of our favourite castle, Villa Vorno. The great advantage – other than the castle itself, which will always leave the guests spellbound – is the simplicity of planning an event at this castle: just a few miles from Florence city, which offers hotel accommodation to meet every need and budget.


This event was in early September – one of the loveliest times of year. There’s never a written guarantee for good weather, even in July and August, but if you’re looking for a long, warm Italian evening, without a stifling heat during the middle hours of the day, then late June and early September are the best times.


Holding a symbolic blessing also makes the day so much easier to handle, as well as allowing the couple total freedom on the wording, structure and music of the ceremony. This humanist ceremony, though alone not legally binding, allows you to hold the ceremony in the grounds of a private location, and thus keep everything in one (lovely, stunning) place.


Holding a symbolic blessing in the grounds of a private location keeps everything in one (lovely, stunning) place.


What we love about weddings such as this: the couple spend real time with the family and friends they care about. All enjoy a breath-taking setting, all can feel relaxed through the day, even though they are far from home and their comfort zone. The style allows the couple to structure the elements they want to be included in their day, and simply and tactfully avoid those things that they may not want to be part of a less traditional wedding.


At all weddings, the bride and groom are bound to be the center of attention on the day, but a castle in Tuscany, a symbolic ceremony outdoors, amazing Italian cuisine, entertaining music… these allow pressure and tradition to be placed in a more laid back position on the day. And for those couples who do want a formal, traditional wedding – it’s totally up to them to decide what is, and what is not part of their event.




VENUE: Castello di Vincigliata

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographer 1

FLOWERS: Le Petit Jardin


Emma and Patrick
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Emma and Patrick
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