What are Social Event Concierge Services?

The difficulty of presenting such an important life event as a wedding on social platforms in a way that elegantly and fully represents the work and choices behind the wedding, while leaving the couple free to actually enjoy their wedding day… this is the dilemma that has encouraged couples to adopt and employ Event Social Concierge Services

The figure of a professional there to take care of this aspect, separate to, but alongside photographers and videographers is a great way to guarantee a successful presentation of the wedding online – in real time.

Event Social Concierge Services are not at all intended to replace the incredible work of professional photographers, and we know from long personal experience how to work with these teams without impeding their work, and often freeing them up to dedicate more time at specific wedding photography and videography.

Event Social Concierge Services can be involved with the couple early in wedding planning, to understand their needs – to generate a presence and decide the visual, aesthetic approach the couple wants to portray. On the wedding day itself, specifically for a destination wedding, these services allow those not able to be present to be involved and virtually present, in real time.

Most of all we know the bride and groom have dedicated many months deciding so many of what may seem to others small details, and on the day of their wedding, do not want the stress of the loss of control of the presentation of the day online. Our services allow the couple to actually take more control rather than less, of their big event.

What we offer

Web presence

Complete with personal domain and dedicated email address – principally as a container immediately post-event for storytelling.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and if requested Pinterest. The three main platforms where visual, event related imagery is best shared. Additionally, other platforms such as Tik Tok may be added at extra costs.


Original Content

Posts and stories, images and video content created personally for you highlighting all the detail, the mood and vibe. From dress and attire, through florals, to lighting and set-up, food and beverage, the music, and all the minute details you have spent so long planning and choosing, from big things such as the cake, to small details such as name cards and favors… all delivered to your platforms live and curated post event.



Management and implementation of your personal hashtag – pre event and during the event, we will make sure your desired points of reference will be used to help you gather all third-party media after the event.



A possible extra request (that usually involved a greater staff commitment, and will depend on the network coverage of the venue) is creation and management of live coverage of the key moments of the event – the ceremony, the cake, the first dance, the speeches…


standard services

10 hours of dedicated services

Unlimited publication on the three main platforms, live

On line gallery of all images immediately post event


Extras / additions

Longer hours may be agreed

Live video of key moments

Personalized domain and email

Other social platforms such as TikTok