Creating your exclusive wedding in italy

Everything ran so smooth and exactly to schedule - it’s was such a magical evening! Our guests were so pleased with our wedding and admitted it was the best wedding they had ever attended. I can’t thank Italyweddings enough for their perfectionism and amazing wedding expertise!!

Megan and Matthew

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Creating your exclusive wedding in italy

Coming from the US, planning a wedding in Europe seemed impossible, even frightening – but Italyweddings always made us feel like our wedding was at the forefront of their minds, and there was nothing they wouldn’t do for us.

Alex and Cavan

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Creating your exclusive wedding in italy

we can’t stop reminiscing over these past few days – you made the wedding of our dreams possible and we simply cannot thank you enough!!

Nicole and Dan

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  • About Us

    At Italyweddings we have always had a deep passion for making creative, exciting and fun events that are at the same time, smooth running, fluid and stress free for both the couple, and their guests.

  • Testimonials

    "....Doug and I couldn't have been happier with the way things turned out. Our guests told us again and again how absolutely flawless and magical the evening was. We have been quick to remind them that although we came up with the idea, you were the person who made it all happen! Thank you...."

  • Villas

    If your party is looking like twenty, fifty, a hundred guests, you might think about hiring a villa. We have the best daily, weekly and short stay venues, hand-picked by our staff as ideal wedding locations

  • Photography

    Choosing the team to document and compliment your event to it's best is a personal and intimate decision. We have several top teams we recommend who know and love the area and the venues we prefer...

  • Wedding design

    Floral design and lighting projects are what Italyweddings are best known for. All our team members have strong creative backgrounds, and we're here to listen to your dreams and plans, and inspire you to create the perfect event of your dreams.

  • Ceremonies

    Deciding on the type of ceremony is an important early decision: a symbolic blessing will be intimate and personal, a civil wedding - legally binding in a beautiful town hall, a religious ceremony in a chapel or church.. these choices will set up the style and feel of the whole event. Let us help you navigate the choices here...


There are several different types of wedding that can be held in Italy: religious blessings, civil ceremonies, symbolic blessings - held in villas, churches, chapels, and wonderful town halls. All open to your choices, culture and needs.

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Often overlooked, now a crucial part of capturing and presenting the real feel of your special day. We work with the best here, and internationally.

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About us

At Italyweddings we don't undertake wedding plans we cannot fulfil. We know our couples come from distant places, and need, more than anything else, the security that all their wedding plans will be exactly as they request.

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Borgo San Lucio

Pienza area

Il Convento


Villa Montisi

Val D’Orcia


Elegant villa blessing on Lake Maggiore Italy

Event Design (1)

Large white vases, a baby blue and pure white clean, modern theme with a strong sense of opulence for Adi and Giovanni in the Northern Lakes. The blessing held on a pure white raised platform, and clean Kartell chairs for the guests to keep colour and style to a clean minimal look

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Villa Cetinale wedding blessing in Spring

Event Design (2)

A split arch to frame the couple but to keep the stunning backdrop clearly visible. a mix of warm colours and shapes and sizes for the florals for an intimate, country feel but framed by a formal important villa with clean garden design and strong geometry made the balance work here: “casual opulence”

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American - Armenian wedding blessing at villa Corsini Mezzomonte, Florence

Event Design (3)

White and Gold, Ceramic and Glass – to create a sense of softness and light for the garden blessing, and abundance and warmth for the meal table. A meal table based entirely on cylindrical vases and heaps of candles. Where respect for the look and feel of the overall space of the meal were an important part of understanding how the event design should look – knowing the formal of the meal, the number of guests for the space, the time of year, the emphasis on great food and wild dancing all fed back into designing the look of the different wedding spaces.

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