Read any bridal magazine article that asks couples what they most regret about their wedding – what they would have done differently – the answer always seems to be “I regret not having had a professional videographer”.


These days in a wedding party, there will be a wide selection of guests who have the capability to film the event, and doubtlessly one or two who will probably offer their services. Sounds like a great deal – saves money for sure. But not only will this person be obliged to pass their entire day following you rather than enjoying the wedding, the risks are plenty: not only the quality of the filming, but not having the professional experience necessary to truly capture the important moments of the event – not having the right equipment to cover the lighting situations, and not having access to be invisible and anonymous in the close up moments of the ceremony.


You’ve probably sat though some of this kind of video..?


Modern professional video production has taken incredible leaps, making the filming experience more relaxed for the couple – but mostly producing a true captivating, concise Hollywood quality experience you’ll be happy to share with your guests following the wedding, and a beautiful keepsake you’ll keep dear throughout your married life.A couple of trailers feature on this page. Feel free to contact us for ideas and costi