Tala and Hai

Symbolic blessing
Villa Mimosa

May 2017

Dear Martina,


Thank you so so so much for planning our wedding. It was so hard having to imagine the scenery and the set up but your confidence really helped me in making all the right decisions. The entire thing was perfect from start to finish. We could not have had a better wedding! You solved all of our little problems and coordinated the entire day so well! I wish we could redo it all over and over again. Please thank your entire team for us, Italyweddings was such a great company to work with. We loved the entire experience.


Thank you for putting up with me and all my stress! We will be forever thankful that you created the most amazing memories for us and our guests.


Tala + Hai

Alessandra and Cavan

Symbolic blessing
Borgo Colombaio

June 2017

Martina and all the staff at Italyweddings- we cannot thank you enough for your help making our wedding day come true.  Our wedding was an absolute fantasy, a fairy tale, which we feel so lucky to have in our memories for the rest of our lives.
My (now husband) and I started thinking about getting married in Italy in March of 2016. In our search for a venue and wedding planners – we came across Italyweddings and we were immediately connected with Martina- something we feel so thankful and blessed to have happened. Throughout the process she was timely, understanding, incredibly detail oriented – and made this dream we had come true.


Coming from the US (and for my husband and I – from California!), planning a wedding in Europe seemed impossible, even frightening – but Martina always made us feel like our wedding was at the forefront of her mind, and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for us.
Cavan and I ended up planning everything from a distance, and literally never saw, touched, or tasted anything for the wedding until the day of the wedding. My parents were the only ones who could travel to Italy to see things beforehand – and Ben, Marisa, and Martina were so kind and accommodating to them. When they returned from their trip, all my parents kept saying was “Its so much better than the pictures (which the pictures are incredible, by the way). We don’t know how else to describe it- but it’s so much better than you can imagine”.


That ended up being absolutely true.


We stayed at our venue in Tuscany for a week before the wedding with both of our families on the property. The venue- was like something out of a storybook. It was this enormous ancient borgo occupied and run by the kindest family. The decor, the pool, the bocce courts – it was astonishing. We aren’t sure if it was the venue, or the magic of Tuscany- but our families quickly became friends. Everyone was having an incredible time already; and as the bride and groom, we had a chance to spend quality time with our guests in advance of the wedding day.


Our florist Marisa at Le Petit Jardin – we worked exclusively through pictures, pinterest, and mood boards. The flowers she put together and décor was so perfectly in line with our vision for the wedding- it was incredible and so so very beautiful. We are ever grateful to her for that.


Ben always had beautiful ideas to make the wedding more intimate – but we think most important to mention – he was kind enough to step in and officiate our wedding very last minute. My oldest brother was meant to officiate the wedding, and unfortunately, he and his wife were unable to attend because their child got sick. With only a few days’ notice, Ben prepared and officiated an incredible ceremony that was 1) totally in line with my fiancé and I’s hopes for the ceremony but also 2) paid homage to my brother who was unable to attend. It was touching and absolutely perfect.


We have to mention our amazing photographer. We met for the first time at the wedding, and I must admit, I was a tiny bit nervous because I am not one to sit still for pictures. David was incredible – he was hilariously funny and got me and Cavan to somehow focus on each other the entire time and take these incredible photos. We took some posed shots as well and his vision for these shots was incredible.


The wedding itself- it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it, we were so happy. It was exactly like my parents said, so so much more than we could have even imagined it to be. I have extremely curly hair that I was worried about – the hairstylist did an incredible job. My make-up was flawless and never ran despite crying (out of happiness) 4 times. I had the best manicure of my life- Martina set up a nail appointment last minute after I accidentally missed my scheduled appointment. In terms of how I felt about myself- I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world.
The ceremony was more picturesque than you could even imagine an Italian wedding. The flowers, chairs, the back drop- perfection. Our band (the Tuscan Trio) played a specially requested song flawlessly while I walked down the aisle, and then continued to play beautiful music for our aperitifs. The cocktails were one of the most impressive items- smoking and bubbling! Very cool, and an unexpected perfect detail.


Our dinner was some of the best food I’ve had, even in Italy! Everyone’s wine glasses were kept full, and there were delightful small touches, like flowers on my husband and I’s plates. The table was incredible – we opted for a King’s table (one long table) to seat our 80-90 guests. Martina, Ben, and Marisa and their imaginations turned it into this incredible curved table around the center of the courtyard. Amazing. Twinkling lights over our heads added a delightful romantic touch as the day turned into night. It was positively magical.


For our cake, we opted for an Italian wedding cake (Mille Feuille) made in front of us on the wedding day. I think this was my favorite part of the night. The moon came out just as they started assembling it- and then the bakers let us give it a shot with the frosting! It was an incredible experience, topped only by one of the waiters cutting the top of our champagne bottle with a sword!


Lastly, music played long into the night courteously of our DJ, who kept our musical taste in mind. The bartenders and DJ made the end of the night a blast, and everyone danced the night away into the morning hours under a sky full of stars. The whole night flowed effortlessly, and Martina and Ben were at the same time present and hidden all at once. They would appear to check how things were going for us, if we were happy, and to ask questions- but were mostly in the background- happily orchestrating this perfect evening. It felt like the universe wanted us to get married, and that all of these forces were perfectly colliding on our wedding day- but now looking back- I think those forces were Martina’s hard work, happening before our eyes, from early in the morning to late into the evening.


One of my best friends exclaimed “This was the most romantic night of my life, and it’s not even my wedding!”. Another couldn’t stop thanking me for the invitation- insisting it was the most fun they’ve had in their entire life. Similar exclamations and comments about the wedding being like a fairy tale ensued for the entire night.


With their comments in mind- we can’t even begin to fully express the happiness we felt that day, and the amount of gratitude we feel towards Martina, Ben, Marisa, and everyone else who helped make our wedding so special. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We can never repay you for the generosity you showed us, and for this incredible gift- this once in a lifetime experience for us and our guests. It was truly the happiest week and night of our lives.
Alessandra and Cavan

Jessica and Peter
Symbolic blessing
Borgo Lavandula
May 2015

Dear Ben,

It’s back to reality and work for us now but we just wanted to drop you a line after the wonderful wedding you organized for us.


I honestly couldn’t ever have imagined that we would have such a beautiful wedding.


The food was fantastic, the band was amazing, the photographers were exactly what we wanted and the venue was stunning. Every single aspect of the day was perfect for us and it was all down to you. We simply can’t thank you enough.


You have been incredibly supporting, thoughtful and patient! We have both loved how you listened to what we wanted but also advised us when you felt you need to. We appreciated the honesty and it gave us a huge amount of trust in you (which is great for someone that can be a tad controlling!). I will be forever grateful for making our wedding dreams come true.


Again, thank you so very much,
Jess & Pete


Ashleigh and Tyler
Civil wedding
Villa Chiara
May 2015

Tyler and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all that you did for us! Our day was perfect, thanks to you! I honestly couldn’t have imagined it any better. Your patience’s through the entire planning was very greatly appreciated.

Leonie and Oliver
Catholic wedding
Borgo Lavandula
June 2015

Ben and the rest of the Italy weddings team were simply amazing from start to finish, i’m pretty sure there all mind readers because they brought our dream wedding alive and did it even better than we had ever imagined!Ben’s calming laid back approach really put us at ease we had such faith in him and we were made to feel like we had nothing to worry about. Absolutely every aspect of the wedding from start to finish exceeded our expectations: the food was amazing, the lighting set the mood perfectly, the tables were dressed just as we had imagined, the band was just out of this world!


Every fine detail was covered and nothing was to much. Ben made us feel amazing like our wedding was the only one he even acted as our personal waiter getting us drinks and food!


Your wedding day is a memory that lasts a lifetime – a moment in life that should be so special, and i can say hand on heart Ben and his team made our dreams come true by giving us a wedding i can only describe as ‘MAGICAL’ and for this we will be eternally grateful! There that good it makes you want to be able to get married again!!!”

Nikola and Guy
Civil wedding
Villa Cristina
September 2014

Dear Ben

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your professional organisation of our wedding on 3rd September It truly was the best day of our lives…our experience far exceeding our expectations.


We particularly appreciated your cool and calm demeanour when we were faced with less than perfect weather! Our thanks also to your team for their assistance with flowers, decorations, transport and events throughout our wedding week at Villa Cristina

Kind regards
Guy and Nikola

Lana and Ben
Symbolic blessing
Borgo Lavandula
May 2014

My goal was to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere with rustic elegance. I wanted our guests to appreciate the beauty of the Italian countryside, and experience some of the amazing food and wine that Italy has to offer. I feel that we accomplished this completely and perfectly. It was wonderful to have everything on site, the wedding ceremony, the dinner and reception, freeing up time and allowing for guests to spend the day either lounging at the pool, strolling the property or sightseeing.


Most of our guests arrived on Friday and stayed until Monday morning, allowing us to spend quality time over the course of the weekend with everyone who made the journey. It was so fun to hear about where friends and family had been in Italy before arriving, and to hear about where they were headed after. Some of our guests even met up in other parts of the country for post wedding continued festivities! It was so much more than a wedding day… it was an experience that we and our guests will never forget. We wouldn’t change anything about the entire weekend, it was just perfect.

Sophie and Nick
Symbolic blessing
Villa Francesca
September 2014

Some of our favorite memories of our time as a couple are when we’ve been traveling together or holidaying with family, so it made perfect sense to us to try and re-create that holiday feeling for our wedding. Having spent time in Florence and Pisa together, Nick and I thought Italy should be the place to do it! We both live in England, as do most of our friends and family, which meant it was not too difficult for everyone to get there and we decided to make a week out of it at the stunning Villa Francesca in Tuscany.


Ben from Italyweddings made this dream a reality. The doubts I had about planning a wedding abroad in 5 months without even visiting the Villa, all disappeared as soon as we spoke to him! Together with Marisa, he understood the vision we had for the day – a relaxed and elegant atmosphere with rustic and natural themes to highlight the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Our whole week in Italy was magical, from the blessing day itself to our legal ceremony in the town hall in Volterra. We could not have done it without you!


Sophie & Nick

Chloe and Richard
Civil wedding
Villa Francesca
September 2014

Dear Marisa, Martina and Ben

To put things simply, you, Marisa and your team helped create and deliver the most unforgettable week for everyone. Our beloved daughter Chloe is very particular about detail but your care and attention to all aspects meant she had the most wonderful wedding and was so happy with everything; a perfect example being the flowers.


She was absolutely thrilled with the bouquets and table decorations and just couldn’t believe how perfect they were, surpassing all her expectations . The Lord of the Rings table plan was inspired and so beautifully executed.


The acid test in many ways has been the reaction of our guests. You will not be surprised to hear that each and every one had nothing but high praise throughout the week. We’ve just had a call from some friends who can’t stop talking about it between themselves and with their friends and the week really did exceed everyone’s expectations.


Thank you for all the expertise and hard work from both you and Marisa – you have given us the most wonderful memories that we will treasure for the rest of our days!


best regards
Rachel and Peter
(parents of the bride)

Ashleigh and Rob
Symbolic blessing
Villa Vorno
October 2012

Dear Ben,

We cannot thank you and your team enough for everything you did for us in the past few months, leading up to our wedding day! From our very first email, you were very professional and helpful, answering all our questions and concerns. It was great meeting you for the first time in March. We both knew at that moment that we made the right decision to have you, Marisa and Martina help plan one of the most important days of our lives.


Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. There is not a single thing we would have changed; you and your team went above and beyond anything either of us could have ever imagined.


Marisa, the flowers were incredible. They were exactly what we wanted, and more!!! I think my family was taking more pictures of the flowers than of us 🙂 I am amazed at what beautiful work you do!!! You even matched the colors exactly to the bridesmaids…which I thought would be impossible. Thank you so much.


Martina, all the events that you help set up were out of this world. Guests were blown away with the lovely wine tasting lunch the day after. I would definitely recommend that place to anyone who visits Florence. You helped ease my mind with so many details and you were always so quick to respond to any emails. Thank you for a job well done!!!


Ben, again, EVERY last detail was perfect. The food was so delicious. We are both big wine and food people, and this meal was one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Our guests could not stop talking about how delicious everything was, and we couldn’t agree more. The location….WOW! Villa Vorno is what fairytale dreams are made of. From the ceremony on the terrace, to the aperitifs in the garden, and then dinner in the winter garden, it was all straight out of a dream. We still don’t think we have thanked you enough, nor could we ever, for convincing us to do dinner in the winter garden room!! You definitely know what you are doing.


Our two favorite parts of the wedding have to be the absolutely incredible band that played and the most talented photographers we have ever met! Our day began with meeting the photographer and his assistant while we were getting ready. We instantly felt so comfortable with them while they took us around the city to take photos before the wedding. I don’t think we have ever laughed and gotten along so well with two people we have just met before. Throughout the wedding ceremony and reception they did a wonderful job at making sure they captured all the perfect moments. We would love to tell them thank you again for making our day that much more enjoyable. We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the most incredible wedding photos!!!!


As for the band, they were sensational. All of our guests were raving about them all night long. The lead singer’s voice was so unique and beautiful. The other members of the band were also as talented as the lead vocalist. They knew how to keep a crowd dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning! We think our favourite part of their set was the guest drummer 😉


Once again, thank you for creating the best day of our lives. It was more perfect than we ever thought possible. We will look back on this day with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts and it’s all because you and your team were there to help us out.


Grazie Mille!

Tessa and Daniel

Symbolic blessing

Villa Francesca

May 2017

Just a note from me to say the biggest thank you. It feels like many moons ago that we had that very first Skype call and you said “I hope you’re going to say the villa I want you to say…is it Francesca?” “YES – please tell us it’s free!!” And it all went from there.


What a journey. The wedding was just the most amazing event. So many people said to me in the run up not to worry if things went wrong on the day as only we would know. But nothing did – not one thing! That’s down to you guys and we will never forget it.


Can I also say that it was lovely to have Marisa and Francesca with us at the top of those steps. We were all a bit of a mess at that point but Marisa stepped up and told us when to start the great descent and Francesca pointed out that I had a massive tear about to drip off the end of my nose. Brilliant.


Thank you again.

Tessa and Daniel

Meagan and Matthew

Symbolic blessing

Castello di Vincigliata

May 2017

Dear Martina & Ben,


Matthew and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with our choice of selecting Martina and Ben to help us plan our wedding.  Since the beginning, Martina and I exchanged emails weekly, daily, and sometimes even hourly, just to ensure our vision for our wedding was portrayed exactly to the way we had in mind.  I felt like I was her number one priority!


Planning a wedding overseas can be a bit daunting, but I never had any doubt that we could not pull it off because of the confidence and support that Martina and Ben provided.


On the day of the wedding, everything was perfect and I say perfect, even though it rained!  At our rehearsal the day before the wedding, Martina was honest and straightforward with us that there was a high chance of rain in our wedding forecast.  We rehearsed both scenarios, for rain or for shine.  On the day of the wedding, we managed to get through the ceremony and cocktails with no rain.  Martina made the smart, executive decision to have the dinner in the marquee (opposed to the open roof courtroom), which ultimately saved us all from getting rained on.  In the end, we actually preferred the dinner in the marquee and enjoyed the raindrops that occurred during dinner, since we weren’t affected!


Everything ran so smooth and exactly to schedule!  It’s was such a magical evening!  Our guests were so pleased with our wedding and admitted it was the best wedding they had ever attended.  I can’t thank Martina and Ben enough for their perfectionism and amazing wedding expertise!!


Thank you!!!  Cheers to you both!


The Meagan + Matthew

Jodi and Guy

Symbolic blessing

Villa Francesca

September 2016

Jodi writes:

I cannot express myself clearly enough to convey our gratitude , Ben. Our life is blessed with good health, happy children, caring friends and supportive family and now we feel blessed that you, Marisa and Martina created our wedding and Guys 50th.


It was perfect for us because you brought our vision to life with your can-do approach, laid back demeanor, and ability to mind read across the globe. From the relationship we developed through multiple emails in the months leading up to our week in Italy, to the care you took daily to make sure our guests were comfortable from dawn to dusk.


Thank-you Ben.


It was perfect for us because you supported my ideas and developed them to create the most beautiful event for our dreams to become reality. Seeing the enjoyment that our guests shared with us dining in stunning environments was such a joy for us and made them feel as special as we did. Marisa’s natural talent with colour and texture and beauty to personalize our events have inspired many of our teenage female guests who now want to study design.


Thank-you Marisa.


It was perfect for us because you made decisions independently, sourced the best of everything, worked tirelessly and invisibly around us so that we could relax and enjoy being guests too.


Thank-you Martina.


Our week in Italy to celebrate our marriage and Guys 50th was the best week we have shared together.

Kate and Anthony

Symbolic blessing

Castello di Vincigliata
August 2016

Kate – the bride – writes:


I was living in London when Anthony and I met. We had been working at the same company for a year and had never crossed paths, until one day he sent me an article to review and, the short version is, the rest is history (though Anthony prefers telling the long version). Shortly after, we moved to my hometown of Melbourne, Australia and not long after that Anthony proposed on a surprise trip to Hamilton island. Deciding on a location for the wedding was quite tricky, given that our loved ones were scattered across two vast and distant continents! Three weeks after we met we had travelled to Sardinia in Italy and fell in love there, so we decided that Italy was a perfect, neutral (though not exactly halfway) place to have our dream wedding.


We started by Googling and found that the possibilities for stunning wedding venues were endless all over Italy, so we changed tack and decided to find our ideal wedding planner and let them lead us to our venue. After another Google session, we found Italyweddings, operating in Tuscany, and were immediately drawn to their style, beautiful venues and floral design and their simple and down to earth approach to the wedding planning process (which isn’t always easy to find in Italy!). A couple of emails and a Skype chat with Ben, and we’d found our planner.


The venue search continued and with so many stunning and unique places to choose from, Anthony and I were really waiting for that light bulb moment. Scrolling through the options we stopped on an image so picturesque it looked like a painting! An ancient castle nestled in the Tuscan hills, covered in creeping greenery complete with a flower garden, an open-topped courtyard for a reception under the stars and sweeping views across Florence. We had booked it before we had seen it in person.


The big weekend flew around and given that all of our guests had travelled from near and very, very far to get there and many people had turned the trip into a holiday in Europe, everyone was in holiday mode and ready to party! We kicked off the festivities with welcome drinks on the Grand Hotel Cavour rooftop so everyone could get to know each other and “lock horns” before the big day, while taking in the beautiful city of Florence and way too much prosecco. It was the perfect start to what was to be an unforgettable weekend!


The wedding day and night was even more incredible than we could have imagined. From dawn until dusk there were so many fun surprises that unfolded I can hardly list them all!


In the morning, my groom and I both unknowingly sent each other a surprise bottle of champagne with a card. Anthony had also gone one further and made me a video to watch on the day while we were getting ready, where he’d interviewed our best friends and family asking them questions about me, us and wedding day advice! Tears of laughter and joy were shed by the bucketful!


The day itself was beautifully hot and sunny and just so happy and fun, with everything from the food to the setting, the flowers, and all of the little touches here and there making our day so special. The post-ceremony aperitivo on the lawn to the sounds of the Tuscan trio overlooking the city was one of our favourite moments! The speeches were also a huge highlight and no one held back when it came to a thorough roasting of Anthony and I (mainly carried out by the father of the bride), prompting roars of laughter from the crowd.


Once the cake was cut and we were treated to the spectacle of our head waiter opening a champagne bottle with a huge machete (another surprise!), we stampeded out to the terrace for cocktails and to tear up the dance-floor. After our first dance, my mum and I launched into a secret, short choreographed routine to Queen Bey, which clearly set the pace for the evening! Shortly after it an epic d-floor circle formed, which saw guests in dinner suits and full-length gowns break-dancing, doing somersaults and walking handstands. But the most prized moment for many was Anthony and two of his mates performing a completely impromptu Backstreet Boys dance from high school that they hadn’t done together in 15 years!! When the clock struck 1:30 no one was ready to go and we tearfully waved goodbye to the castle with a head full of crazy and wonderful memories.


It truly was the best day of our lives and we have so many amazing memories to relive for decades to come.

Nora and Lee
Symbolic blessing
Villa Francesca
June 2015

Dear Marisa and Martina

Thank you for all your hard work to make our special day truly perfect.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding! We can’t tell you how many of our guests (it was a lot!!) said it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to; a huge compliment to the two of you.


Marisa, the lovely flowers were perfect throughout the event. Martina, I hope you’ve forgiven us for cutting you short at the ceremony… it was perfect as it was.


Thank you for everything
Nora and Lee

Stacey and Chris
Civil wedding
Villa Francesca
September 2014

Both Chris and I are avid travellers so it was natural for us to get engaged in London and then, that same trip, while on a week-long cycling tour of Tuscany have the seed planted to actually get married in this beautiful part of Italy.


We live in Canada but have family & friends spread all over (me being a native Canadian and Chris finding his way here via New Zealand and Australia) coast-to-coast across Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England so we decided to make a week of it and invite our closest people to a villa just outside of Volterra in the stunning Tuscan country-side.


Ben Singleton of Italyweddings was absolutely indispensable seeing as we planned & orchestrated the entire week from Vancouver, primarily via email and only had the luxury of meeting him in person for the first time once we arrived in Italy. We did not have crystal clear vision of our day, expect that we wanted to keep in natural, rustic but with a touch of whimsy and elegance so as not to take away from the unbelievable natural scenery – and it was all that and more!


From the luxurious and comfortable family style accommodations, catered dinners followed by 4am dance parties (more than 1!) , a wedding that went off without a hitch in the jaw-dropping town hall of Volterra and many, many bottles of wine. We could not have done it without Ben and his team.


Stacey and Chris

DJ and Kehaulani
Symbolic blessing
Villa Rosa
June 2014

Dear Marisa, Martina and Ben,

During the second week of June 2011, during a 6-week tour through western Europe, I asked Kehau to marry me. I bought her a vintage engagement ring in an antique shop in Paris, we had it sized by a jeweller in Rome, we celebrated with food and wine in Florence, and we were pampered by the cool waters off Cinque Terre. We knew that the perfect ending to this enchanting engagement would be to return to Italy with our families, and begin our marriage in a place so close to our hearts.


But this was a dream that seemed impossible.


How would we get our friends and family to Italy? Where would we all stay? How would we get around? How would we know that the locations were desirable, the food tasty, the musicians talented, the decor, just right? A year before our wedding we were about to give up on this dream wedding adventure, and then we found Ben…


It started with our vision, and Ben made it a reality. We gave him a budget, a style, and a general location in Tuscany, and he did the rest. He sent us detailed information of at least eight villas that would fit our needs with personal recommendations about the style, area, local businesses and restaurants, convenience to day trips, even particulars about the various villa owners rules regarding dancing and late night parties so that we weren’t caught off guard down the road.


He provided five base meal service options for the wedding with an endless number of options, and was able to arrange accommodation for gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian guests. Everything was delicious. He is a music lover, so he had countless options for live music, from solo performances to full piece bands. And, after learning about our tastes, he wasn’t afraid to recommend less expensive options when it made most sense for us.


Our 3-piece string/accordion set was perfect for aperitifs, and his DJ kept things going into the night. Marisa is a gem of a woman who listened to Kehau’s aesthetic desires for an earthy organic floral approach and she executed it with perfection. Martina was available to us to arrange for transportation to and from airports, and to book day trips for wine tasting and other activities.


For nine months, Ben was available to us. I went through my emails and counted over 100 correspondences we had during the planning. And it didn’t stop there. On the day of the wedding, Ben was at the villa from the moment I awoke. In 98 degrees F heat, he was up on a ladder, himself, making sure each one of the fairy lights was hung with care and working properly. This is the type of service you can expect from Ben.


Most of all though, when you plan a wedding in an unfamiliar place, your biggest concern as a couple is that your friends and family will be comfortable and enjoy themselves. After all, they are spending a lot of money to get to Italy for your wedding, not to mention abandoning their work and personal lives at home. Because of Ben’s care, we were able to enjoy our wedding week, knowing fully that our guests were having an incredible time. It will be an experience that they talk about for years, and one that we will never, ever, forget.


Thanks for making our dream a reality.
DJ & Kehau

Marcella and Dan
Symbolic blessing
Villa Francesca
May 2013

Dear Ben, Marisa and the Italyweddings team,We would like to sincerely thank you for all of the work that you did putting together our wedding. We cannot begin to describe how happy we were with everything – it turned out just gorgeous. The tenor was magnificent, he caterers were great, the DJ was amazing…


The flowers were out of this world – the rehearsal meal decoration too – just magnificent! And everything about the villa was just beautiful.


All the best
Marcella and Dan

Melissa and Colin
Symbolic blessing
Villa Rosa
August 2013

Dear Ben,

We found you charming and professional from the start. We appreciated you being upfront about everything, from the challenges of organizing a wedding from abroad (USA) in Italy and the organizing our budget choices.


We jumped right in and spent the next two years working with you, side by side, to execute the wedding of our dreams.


We couldn’t have been happier with everything you were able to do for us and our guests. We stayed for a week in Villa Rosa and the service that you arranged was exquisite. From the first night catered dinner using the on-site, wood fired pizza oven, to the 3 excursions to Cinque Terre, Florence, and Wine Tasting, to the morning after the wedding with a catered brunch. And that doesn’t even include the day of wedding!


Our guests haven’t stopped talking about the entire week, and they have a hard time picking a favorite event. We and our guests owe memories of a lifetime to you and your team, thank you so much for everything.


Melissa & Colin

Jenny and Andy
Civil wedding
Villa Vorno
June 2012

Dear Ben, Marisa and the Italyweddings team,

Two months on and not a day goes by without us reflecting on our wedding day. We had simply the best day of our lives. And it wouldn’t have been the wedding of our dreams if it had not have been for your team.


Throughout the preparations we felt you listened to our ideas and produced the most amazing results. And though out budget was not limitless you took our more specific requests and managed to deliver everything and exceed all our expectations. The preparation before, and the execution on the day were orchestrated with precision and without flaw. So many people told us how brave we were choosing to get married in Italy, but it was, in honesty, a mostly stress free process our end! On the day our confidence in you was shown to be well placed as we were able to entirely enjoy the company of our friends and family whilst things just progressed in a relaxed and seemingly effortless way.


The flowers and decoration Marisa, were out of this world! All of our guests and friends at home have commented on how beautiful they were. My bouquet brought a tear to my eyes, it was just what I had wanted. It didn’t go unnoticed that you included a few extra touches on the day that we hadn’t budgeted for – thank you!


The musicians were brilliant. We were nervous about getting the Tuscan trio but it was one of the best decisions, as it really gave the canape’ section a great atmosphere and the guests loved it. The band in the evening were fantastic. They really read the mood of the evening and played brilliant songs.


The food – well what can I say? Out of this world! All our guests commented on the amazing food. The canape’s were fantastic, the main dinner a taste sensation and as for the cake, well I could eat a slice of that every night! Guests kept asking what the theme of the wedding was and we would just say ‘food’! How perfect.


Ben, your presence on the day, the shadow in the corner smoothly running the operation, was undoubtedly the best. From helping us in the town hall in Florence to holding the most intimate blessing in the garden, you really got ‘us’ right. It was everything we had hoped for, it felt like a family friend was marrying us!


We cannot thank you enough for all that you did as a team.


We wish you all health and happiness.

Love, Andy and Jen