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All about where to get married

Choosing where to hold the event is one of the first, and most important choices. at Italyweddings, we have decades of personal experience in help couples over this initial hurdle.


We are based in central Italy, and our team is comprised of native English and Italian staff. We are here to discuss and suggest villas, towns, areas, based on your type of event, number of guests, the length of stay you want, and the budget you have to respect.


About symbolic, religious and civil weddings

Usually this is the second big decision, after selecting the venue: the type of ceremony.


There are naturally technical reasons – religious and cultural needs – but here we’ve outlined also the effect the choice of ceremony may have on style, location, and costs of the wedding event. We try and match each couple’s personal needs, but are also here to suggest the pro’s and cons of each route…

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Frequently asked questions

Doubts, queries, comments and questions

We know: it’s a big decision, and a big leap of faith to work with a Wedding planner and a venue many miles from home…


So here are a few of the more common questions couple’s want answered before they are ready to take that step – but don’t hesitate to come up with your own questions – write to us, Skype us, message us!

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Our preferred creative professionals

This is the single most important element in capturing the fleeting magic of the day.


A great photographer captures the ephemeral moments, and tells the story of the event; the little candid moments; the bride getting ready, the first view, the couple looking their best throughout their special day, the, and the overall style of the event, the decoration, the mood and the feel of the event.

Why choose Italyweddings?


We don’t make false promises

At Italyweddings we don’t undertake wedding plans we cannot fulfill. We know our couples come from distant places, and need, more than anything else, the security that all their wedding plans will be exactly as they request


We only do weddings.

Italyweddings is not a tour operator. Italyweddings is not a travel agent. We work exclusively with civil and religious weddings, and exclusively in the area we know.


Italyweddings is based in Florence.

We are not a company based in the US or the UK who pass you on to an agent in Italy. We personally deal with all your requests, and deal directly with legal and official matters, photographers, florists, Churches and restaurants on your behalf.


We are both mother tongue English and Italians.

We are able to deal directly with and interpreting and translation needs. And when you speak to us in English, we’re not going to overlook any of those little subtleties so important in planning a special event.


Italyweddings do not do “package” weddings

All our couples receive an estimate of costs based on only the elements that they want to be part of their special day, and vacation.


Italyweddings has been planning weddings for 20 years

This is what we do – and what we have dedicated our working life to. We have assisted hundreds of couples over the last two decades, and for each of them, their special day has been an important commitment and happy memory for us. Event planning is without a doubt, our vocation and our passion.

Our Mission
Italyweddings will tailor its services to meet your needs, your dreams, and of course, your budget. We are happy to organize all types of ceremonies: weddings for just the bride and groom, up to formal events for 150 guests or more. Naturally the base of all planning is the paperwork necessary to get you legally married for a civil wedding, and we have handled this for hundreds of couples of many nationalities over the last 20 years. We will advise you on the location, take you through all the paperwork, and coordinate all aspects of the ceremony itself.


We arrange both Protestant and Catholic weddings for those looking for a religious event, and symbolic blessings for a non religious ceremony. We will work with you on all aspects of the text, readings, music, and mood and style of the wedding.Please take a look at these pages for more information on the types of ceremony.


Italyweddings has hand selected the best villas and locations through central Italy – from renaissance villas, to medieval castles, family run farmhouses and boutique hotels. We’ll happily advise you on the choice, based on the size and style of your wedding. We work with a number of top catering firms in Tuscany, offering a variety of styles and solutions. We appreciate and respect traditional Italian food, but are also aware of the needs of foreign visitors, with a close eye to the budget.
We are passionate about arranging all the details that getting married far from home may make a little more complicated. We can coordinate your transport, arrange hairdressers, and can provide complete travelling instructions and maps during your stay.


We appreciate that when a couple arrange a wedding far from home, and furthermore, when they have a very specific idea of what is essential for them (and what would be totally unacceptable), planning a wedding in a distant country must be a little daunting.


We believe there’s no reason to accept compromise. While we do not believe is “importing” from your home country a full USA or UK wedding (after all, you’re choosing a wedding in a country renown for it’s beauty, food, culture…) we do believe that there is no reason at all to be told that there’s only one way to do things, that everything has to be dictated by the villa, the wedding planner, the caterer, the florist…


All Italywedding’s suppliers have been carefully chosen, and even educated over the years to assist us with the type of wedding that even the most selective couples may desire. There is a dialogue through our English speaking staff – in most cases, with Ben Singleton, the director and creator of Italyweddings. There may be daily or weekly telephone conversations. The couple may come and meet with us several times prior to the wedding. A tasting may be arranged, visits to castle and villas can be organized – and the finer details of the choices made by the couple will all, one by one, be communicated to the service suppliers. There’s absolutely no need for the couple to be concerned that the small but important details will be overlooked!