At Italyweddings we have always had a deep passion for making creative, exciting and fun events that are at the same time, smooth running, fluid and stress free for both the couple, and their guests.

We believe in tailoring our services to meet your needs, your dreams, and of course, your budget. Our ability to do this – to make your dreams and personal needs a true reality – are based on over 25 years of experience, expertise, and passion.

But we like to remember that a wedding is not just a perfectly framed “style shoot” or a curated instagram reel. Weddings are live and living events.

Live, because they are about the sense of the fleeting moments of a shared experience, that are captured in the lived memories of the guests.

Living because a great event is created with the interaction of the guests present, and their involvement in your shared pledges and the celebration of your love.

Italyweddings has hand selected the best venues through central Italy – from renaissance villas, to medieval castles, family run farmhouses and boutique hotels. We’ll happily advise you on the choice, based on the size and style of your wedding. The choice of the venue is the first and most crucial part of your event planning, and for this reason, we believe your relationship with us as coordinators should start at the moment of discussing the location of the event.

All of our creative partners have been carefully chosen, and we represent your wishes with them. There is an open, trusting and detailed dialogue between ourselves, the couple, and all partners involved in the event. All of our team have strong creative backgrounds, and we are here to style and design the event hand in hand with you. We are personally involved from start to finish: our small and dynamic team will be the ones you interact with leading up to the day, the people who will accompany you for any site visit or tasting, and of course, will be the first on site at your wedding and most often the last to leave!

Even though we have been planning, based here in central Italy, for many years now, and for hundreds of couples, from all around the globe, we are always looking for new creative challenges and looking for new solutions, new creativity and a new touch of magic!

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CEO and Founder


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