One of the key reasons for choosing Italy, and Tuscany in particular, for a celebration event, is to thoroughly immerse yourselves and your guests in the wonderful, exciting, and inimitable cuisine and wines of this region.


Firstly, think of wedding catering back home? Here it’s not seen the same way as you may find in many UK or US events. The food is going to be great – the Italians would not expect it anything less as part of a wedding event. Some things that we love about Tuscan cuisine: it’s full of simple genuine flavors and ingredients. The dishes are not overly complicated, but are elegant and exciting. The dishes lend themselves of vegetarian alternatives and versions for children.


We work with the best caterers and restaurants in the area, and have followed them closely over the years to make sure the services and dishes offered will work perfectly for an international event. And we will work with you to suggest and prepare the perfect menu for your needs.
Some of the things you might want to be part of your day?


– From Tuscany, meats from the Chianina race of beef are of unparalleled taste, and not only in the “Fiorentina” steak, but other more elegant cuts.
– Local sheep’s cheeses from Pienza, buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region, local vegetables, tomatoes that taste like the tomatoes when you were a kid…
– And then wines: not only the well known Chianti Classico red and the amazing Brunello, but hundreds of other wines of great class from the different regions. And then the Extra Virgin Olive oil…
– As for cakes – the tradition expects a millefoglie wedding cake: layers of biscuit pastry, Chantilly cream, and either chocolate flakes or berry fuits. But we also arrange all types of more traditional “American” style cake.