Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Do I Need a Wedding Planner?


“…Do I really need a wedding planner?

Surely, I can just Google a villa, a caterer, a violinist, a photographer, and fix them all myself.

I’ve already booked my villa / hotel, and they have a wedding planner as part of their team…”

While both of these are of course, options open to you as a couple planning your wedding in Italy, we’d like to take the time to suggest some reasons working with a wedding planner, and Italyweddings specifically, may have advantages for your wedding event.

1. Do it yourself. So what do you do when you’re at a foreign Embassy in Italy to complete the paperwork, and you’re missing an essential document? Three days prior to the wedding…? Do you really want to spend the months leading up to the wedding dealing with a list of suppliers with whom you’re communicating in their second language? In a different time zone to you?

There are subtleties when discussing floral design, music, schedule and menus that you probably do not want to risk dealing with, not being sure the person you’re dealing with understands exactly what you want. At Italyweddings, our team is both mother tongue English and mother tongue Italians, and you’ll be dealing with a person born and raised speaking your language!

2. The on-site wedding planner. While many may be capable professionals, the risk is not only the language and time-zone issues, but that the structure you work with has a limited choice of suppliers, or is instructed to sell to you a set package of services. Do you really want to use the hair stylist they offer, or would you like more impartial choice? Can you trust the DJ or florist they have booked for you is selected in the best interests of your event, rather than in the interests of the affairs of the hotel or villa?

At Italyweddings, we try to be totally impartial, and always work in the interests of the couple, and their specific wedding plans. We are not here to impose a style, to block you in to a set timing, menu, musician and so on. We are here both to offer you a wide selection of suppliers, chosen to give a range of styles and meet all budgets, and also to work on your behalf to liaise with the hotels, villas, or suppliers you may wish to book directly. With Italyweddings, you’re securing a company that:

– has 15 years of experience of all types and sizes of weddings in Italy.

– that knows all the inside workings and bureaucracy of the town halls, embassies, churches, government offices in central Italy

– that will be giving you an impartial, dedicated, English speaking planner on site, throughout the wedding day, present until the last note has been played at the end of the night. The same person who will have handled all the details of your event in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding day.

– that has over the years, selected, vetted and in some cases, trained it’s suppliers to the specific needs of non-Italian couples.

– that hates the concept of “package weddings”

– that listens to the couples’ needs. That offers a selection of suppliers according to those needs. That does not believe in creating a wedding in their own terms but according to the terms, desires, priorities and budget of the couple.

– that love weddings. We cannot stress this enough. We are not denying that, at Italyweddings, we are running a business. But our greatest satisfaction is receiving a letter, and email, a telephone call after a wedding, from a bride telling us we really did create the best day of her life, or that everything was beyond her expectations. Priceless.

…and perhaps the best way to understand this is to ask us to send a list of referrals – past couples who will willingly tell you about their experience with Italyweddings.