Just illumination.

Just illumination.


What makes the magic when the light start to fade? Soft, suggestive warm illumination. There are so many ways of transforming the venue, and the whole mood of the event with lighting. And also softly transform the stages of the event – from seated meal, to first dance, to a real personal, intimate party. Here are some examples of differt parts of the wedding, and different lighting solutions:

Fairy lights and hanging silver lanterns for an elegant and romantic meal.

Mixed candles in vases on and hanging above a long table.

Citronella torches around castle walls – fairy lights emphasize the central fountain.

Lanterns on decorated posts to give an outside illumination to the tables at night.

Large church style candles around the meal area.

Colored paper lanterns and fairy lights over a pool area for dancing.

Lighting transforms the dance area.

Illuminated cubes act as seating and drink stands in the lounge area.