About This Project

What we love about weddings in Italy.

What we love about weddings in Umbria – in rural converted villages up in the hills, with no other properties around for miles, with olive groves and sunflower fields, and late August sunny long evenings.

What we love about easy going couples who want to break a few of the old rules about the way a wedding should look and be…

What we love about eating outside, on long wooden tables, what we love about deciding on a strong color theme but being quirky with it.

About wearing a light cream suit because it’s a special day and it’s summer in Italy. What we love about live bands playing Al Green into the night. What we love about using pots of rosemary and thyme, and lemons on the table.

What we love about speeches that are cheekily discourteous because they are backed up with long and sincere love and respect.

What we love is a couple who genuinely laugh and relax and enjoy their wedding.

FLOWERS: Le Petit Jardin


VENUE: Borgo Caterina


Kate and James
*RELIGIOUS WEDDING, Couples, Romantic, Whimsical
Intimate Catholic wedding villa near the Tuscany coast
Samantha and David
*CIVIL WEDDING, Casual, Country, Couples, Rustic
Country rustic wedding in Montone Umbria