Elegant small hotel above Florence


This villa was originally nothing more than simple peasant farm. In the XV century it became one of the properties of the Medici family.


During the centuries the villa was home to several families. The man who gave the garden its current romantic look was sir John Francis Slone, inspired by the Gothic style.


More than 30.000 different plants have been cultivated in the gardens, in order to create a unique setting reproducing the typical Romantic atmosphere: you have the impression to be in the middle of something really special. There are varied and fascinating open-air spaces that are perfectly merged with the surrounding environment: the parterre, the Italian garden, a tiny lake, and many beds and areas of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies.


The winter garden is set in a old iron greenhouse restored in the finest detail; a soft light penetrates and give life to an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Completely transformed into a modern lounge, it is the ideal setting to enjoy total privacy and quiet.


A dreamy villa set in the Tuscan hilltops with a wonderful view on Florence valley is the perfect place for the most important day of your life. With its several and sophisticated outdoor and indoor spaces the villa offers you the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.


  • Fort room: sleeps 2 (double bed)
  • Limonaia Suite : 2 + 2 (double bed + double sofa bed)
  • Orangerie Suite: 2 + 2 (double bed + double sofa bed)
  • Garden Suite: 2 + 2 (double bed + double sofa bed)
  • Pool Suite: 2 + 2 (double bed + double sofa bed)
  • Colombaia Suite: 2 + 1 (double bed + single sofa bed)
  • Tower Suite: 2 + 2 (double bed + double sofa bed)


Florentine hills


Daily – with some apartments


14 + 11


Florence, Fiesole

Blessing / Symbolic:

Gardens or grounds of the villa

Seated Guests (Externally):


Seated Guests (Internally):


Music end time:

11,30 PM outside 01,00 AM inside

Ideal for:

50 to 80 guests


Florence 15 minutes, Pisa 90 minutes

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