Kristin and Chris held an elegant, quite formal wedding, but in the heart of rural Umbria.


What was important for the couple was a smooth running, elegant, refined event, with the best food, a well stocked bar, great music – while all set in the genuine,, natural and quite rustic frame of this particular villa and setting.


It’s an interesting challenge, and one that we at Italyweddings love: finding that perfect balance between having your guests feel comfortable and relaxed, while not only being in a foreign country, with different rules and food, social customs and climate, but at the same time keep that wonderful, magical special feeling that makes a wedding a once in a lifetime party to remember with your guests.


In the case of Kristen and Chris, this balance was especially important and challenging, as the couple wished for the event to be both special and relaxing for guests from elderly relatives, down to their own beautiful baby daughter!.

VENUE: Borgo Lavandula


FLOWERS: Le Petit Jardin


PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographer C

Stefania and Dave
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Cecilie and Mikkel
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