Margaret and Pate, like many couples, had a long wait from the time they originally planned their Tuscan wedding, to the date that actually came to happen. Over two years…
During that period, life went on, as it has to, and in the meantime they held a lovely backyard wedding in the US to be legally married, and bacame parents to their wonderful daughter. And so the Italian wedding was more a celebration of what life brings to us and what we put into our lives – the celebration of continually being a couple, not just becoming a couple.
Certainly none of this stopped this couple having a rocking party! The blessing was held at just the perfect time of year for the ancient trees and the groomed gardens of Cetinale, and the meal was a celebration of food, drink, laughter and joy.

VENUE: Villa Cetinale


FLOWERS: Le Petit Jardin



Danielle and Lewis
*SYMBOLIC BLESSING, Casual, Colorful, Country, Couples, Romantic
C&J - La Posta Vecchia, Rome
*RELIGIOUS WEDDING, Colorful, Couples, Glamour
Jewish blessing La Posta Vecchia Rome