Stylist Team 3

Prices valid for the 2023 period

Real Events:


Price List

Bridas Hair and Make Up (trial included)

660 Euros

Brides hair styling and Airbrush make-up (including trial)

710 Euros

Brides hair and make-up (no trial)

550 Euros

Brides hair styling only (including Trial)

370 Euros

Brides make-up only (including Trial)

300 Euros

Brides Airbrush make-up only (including Trial)

325 Euros

Stylist with remain until meal time (touch ups during the day)

220 Euros

Guest hair styling

100 Euros

Guest blow dry

75 Euros

Guest make-up

100 Euros

Guest Airbrush make-up

115 Euros

Manicure with nail polish

50 Euros

Manicure with shellac nail polish or acrylic

60 Euros


60 Euros

Travel costs within Tuscany and Umbria included in these costs., when bridal hair styling is included in the services. Otherwise, travel costs to be calculated according to your location  an specific request.