Pricing and information valid for 2024 & 2025

All prices will be given final confirmation upon a specific booking request


The San Luca abbey is located in southern Umbria, between the famous Marmore Falls and and the charming historic and culturally active town of Spoleto. The venue is completely surrounded by dense and luxurious vegetation of the whole valley. This special hotel has 18 double rooms and 3 suites and can accommodate up to 5 guests.

Accomodation and Facilities

The charming rooms mostly derive from the old cells where the Benedictine monks of the abbey used to live, and every room is different from the others. The unique, timeless atmosphere of the abbey can be felt everywhere, in every room. You can choose among different kinds of accommodation in every part of the abbey.


The most fascinating part of this converted monastery, is the panoramic garden – with endless views over the Umbrian valley, dotted with villages and houses – the ideal setting for a blessing, but also for a cocktail in the summer months.

The heart of the venue is the central 13th century cloisters, surrounded on three sides by a two-storey portico with columns and pedestals, and closed on the fourth side by the chapel. This is the ideal setting for a formal or relaxed and intimate seated meal and party to follow.

In case of poor weather the internal refectory can seat up to 90, offering a really special Plan B for this venue.


The Abbey costs for an event (until 3,00 AM)



Monday to Wednesday

5445 Euros

5720 Euros

Fridays and Saturdays

6490 Euros

6820 Euros

Thursday and Sundays

5610 Euros

6050 Euros

Accommodation for up to 47 guests (B+B)

18 rooms, sleeping up to 43

2750 Euros B+B per night

Extra fee for catered meals on site on days other than the weddings day

2800 to 4800 Euros depending on number of guests / type of booking


Southern Umbria


Daily villa rental + hotel style accommodation




Local villages

Blessing / Symbolic:

Abbey gardens and grounds


Nearby church

Seated Guests (Externally):


Seated Guests (Internally):


Music end time:

01,00 AM, extendable to 02,00 AM

Ideal for:

The meeting of medieval setting, in a genuine unspoilt territory, yet in the very heart of Italy


Perugia 60 minutes, Rome 90 minutes, Florence 150 minutes