Pricing and information valid for 2023 and 2024

All prices will be given final confirmation upon a specific booking request



Exclusive use rental

WEEK-END 4 night rental – for the entire village

27’000 Euros

WEEK-END 3 night rental – for the entire village

Friday check-in, Monday check-out

22’800 Euros

MID-WEEK 3 night rental – for the entire village

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights,

OR Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights

20’500 Euros

MID-WEEK 2 night rental – for the entire village

Monday – Tuesday,

OR Tuesday – Wednesday,

OR Wednesday –  Thursday nights

17’100 Euros

MID-WEEK 1 night rental – for the entire village

Any night Monday to Thursday

10’000 Euros

One day location rental without accommodation
(any days between Monday to Thursday)

9300 Euros

For LOW SEASON and for PARTIAL BOOKING please feel free to contact us

Wedding fees

Up to 39 guests

No fee

From 40 to 50 guests

2600 Euros

From 51 to 70 guests

3200 Euros

From 71 to 80 guests (the maximum amount)

4200 Euros

Other events for over 40 guests

800 Euros




Three nights, or weekly booking exclusive use



Civil Weddings:

Siena, San Gimignano, San Galgano

Blessings / Symbolic Weddings:

Gardens or grounds of the villa

Catholic Weddings:

Local Roman Catholic churches

Seated Guests (Externally): 


Seated Guests (Internally):


Music end time:

03,00 AM but with volume control after midnight

Ideal for:

50 guests up to 70 are ideal for this venue. Lovers of the best of Tuscany, decadent Boho charm.


Florence 60 minutes, Pisa 90 minutes

Real Events at this venue: