Wedding cakes: Italian traditions

Wedding cakes: Italian traditions


There is a traditional Italian wedding cake that many couples choose for their Tuscan event: the Millefoglie. There are so many variations and presentation styles, that it bears listing a few for you. The basic ingredient is the layers of a spacial “puff” pastry, cooked in a way so it does not puff…

The layers of pastry are usually divided with Chantilly cream and fresh heavy cream. The layers and topping can be completed with either berry fruit, or rough chips of chocolate. The berries (raspberries and bilberries) tend to work better, as the acidity cuts through the rich sweet creams better than the chocolate, but both are delicious!

A traditional millefoglie is a low cake – often one large, single tier, but often presented in three or more tiers, on a preexisting structure. A more chunky, but still relatively low style of millefoglie cake can be made in three attached tiers.

If you’re looking for a more American / English style of cake, this can of course be arranged. Typically we prefer to use specialized bakers for this, as both the height requirements and the icing are not part of the Italian tradition.

When thinking about the cake, you want to think about the dynamics and lighting of this very special moment. a few recent examples follow.