The choice of flowers for your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, and for the entire wedding event, is an entirely personal, and often deep felt decision. To help us understand your needs, here are some pictures of past work.

Let them be a guide and inspiration – and then tell us exactly what YOU want. Our in-house florists will work with you on all creative decisions, and our greatest pleasure is to assist a couple create their visual wedding dream come true. Floral design is not just about the choice of flowers: our team coordinates compositions, candles, petals, arches, marquees, cake decoration, name cards and table maps, favors and printed material.

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On the pages here, you’ll find information about the various photo-packages we offer.

Many couples are tempted to consider bringing a photographer with them from home, and while there are a few advantages in doing this, we strongly recommend using a local professional, who has experience with your locations, the church or town hall, the town and countryside around the wedding location, and the villa or reception location.

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bridal preparation
tree lighting


Lighting remains on the of the most overlooked, yet one of the most important aspects of wedding design. We are experienced with solutions for architectural LED lighting, for fairy light set-ups around and over a meal, or for a wedding cake or special moment. We design special vintage and contemporary effects to match and compliment each event we work on – take a look here…

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