Wedding music – the balancing act.

Wedding music – the balancing act.


Choosing a band for your wedding in a balancing act. You want a group that gives great ambiance during the meal, but also gets your guests dancing through the night. You probably want to avoid a strictly “jazz” feel, but at the same time, don’t want a completely modern “pop” or rock” sound through the event. And most of all – nothing cheesy. Not “Proud Mary”, not recorded backing tracks, not poorly pronounced, enthusiastic English commands to have a good time….

If all of these are your worries, then consider this wonderful band.

The singer is mother tongue English, and all the band members are widely acclaimed recording musicians in Europe. Their repertoire is vast, and covers many differnt styles. Most of all, they know their place, they know how to fade into the background or take the initiative when appropriate.

On this page there’s some of their playlist – from Sinatra, Rat-Pack, Standards, modern Standards, to contemporary dance music. They will accept a good number of your own personal requests, and they are certainly, never, cheesy.