Author: Ben

Just illumination.

What makes the magic when the light start to fade? Soft, suggestive warm illumination. There are so many ways of transforming the venue, and the whole mood of the event with lighting. And also softly transform the stages of the event - from seated meal,...

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Just Some Bouquets

As the title says, just some bouquets. But the point is this: you're planning a wedding in a foreign country, and you probably won't get the same visual and physical contact with the florist you would expect if you were getting married close to home....

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Denise and Tommy – Florentine glamour

Denise and Thomas held an unforgettable event over a few days in Florence for a group of family and friends from America. Wine tasting and visits to Chianti, and top hotels in the center of the art capital of the world - these were the...

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